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TCM1512B Texas Instruments Datasheets PDF Communication ICs





The  TCM1501B,  TCM1506B,  TCM1512B,  TCM1531,  TCM1532,  TCM1536,  and  TCM1539  are  monolithicintegrated circuit telephone tone-ringer drivers that, when coupled with an appropriate transducer, replace theelectromechanical  bell.  These  devices  are  designed  using  BIDFETtechnology  for  use  with  either  a  Piezotransducer or an inexpensive transformer-coupled speaker to produce a pleasing tone composed of a highfrequency (fH) alternating with a low frequency (fL) resulting in a warble tone. Each device is powered andactivated by the telephone line ring voltage, which may vary from 40 Vrms to 150 Vrms at frequencies from15.3 Hz to 68 Hz.

 Electronic Replacement for Electromechanical Telephone Bell When Used With Transducer

 Designed to Meet or Exceed FCC Part 68 Class B Ringer Requirements

 Low-Cost External Component Requirements

 Low External Component Count

 High Standby Input Impedance

1 MΩ Typ

 Low Ringer Equivalency Number

< 1 Typ

 Single-Ended High-Voltage Output Compatible With Piezo Transducer or Transformer-Coupled Speaker

 Reliable BIDFET‡ Process Technology Provides Efficient High-Voltage Operation

 On-Chip High-Voltage Full-Wave Diode Bridge Rectifier and Output Voltage Regulator

 On-Chip Circuitry Provides Ring Rejection of Rotary Dial Transients, Lightning, and Induced High-Voltage Transients

 On-Chip Thyristor Coupled With Additional External Components Provides Enhanced Rejection of Dial Pulses

 TCM1501B, TCM1512B, and TCM1506B Are Improved Direct Replacements for TCM1501A, TCM1512A, and TCM1506A,Respectively

 Requires Only a Single-Value Oscillator Resistor (Eliminates Binning Codes of the TCM15xxA Series)



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