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PartNo Manufacturers Description Qty PDF  
LM4675SD/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers 2.65W Mono Class D Audio Pwr Amp 17457 RFQ
SA58672TK,138 NXP Semiconductors Audio Amplifiers Audio Amp SPKR 1-CH Mono 3W ClassD 10Pin 15000 RFQ
AAT5101IUR-T1 Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Audio Amplifiers 28V Half-Bridge Dual N-CH MOSFET Driver 15000 RFQ
LM4880MX/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers Dual 200 mW Audio Pwr Amp 12006 RFQ
TDA7266M STMicroelectronics Audio Amplifiers 7W MONO BRIDGE AMP 11483 RFQ
MAX9814ETD+T Maxim Integrated Microphone Preamplifiers Microphone Amplifier 11104 RFQ
LM386N-4/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers LOW VLTG AUDIO PWR AMP 9148 RFQ
MAX9768BETG+ Maxim Integrated Audio Amplifiers 10W Mono Class D Speaker 8478 RFQ
OPA2134UA/2K5 N/A Audio Amplifiers SoundPlus Hi-Perf Aud Oper Amp 8419 RFQ
SSM2167-1RMZ-REEL Analog Devices Microphone Preamplifiers IC MICROPHONE PREAMP W/18dB FIXED GAIN 7930 RFQ
MAX9812HEXT+T Maxim Integrated Microphone Preamplifiers Single Fixed Gain Microphone Amp 7713 RFQ
LM386MX-1/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers LOW VLTG AUDIO PWR AMP 7698 RFQ
LM48511SQ/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers 3W Mono Class D Audio Pwr Amp 6531 RFQ
1606Q16-U THAT Audio Amplifiers Balanced Audio Line Driver IC 6317 RFQ
MAX98300ETA+T Maxim Integrated Audio Amplifiers 2W Mono Class D Amplifier 6174 RFQ
MAX9812LEXT+T Maxim Integrated Microphone Preamplifiers Single Fixed Gain Microphone Amp 6172 RFQ
CS35L32-CWZR Cirrus Logic Audio Amplifiers IC Boosted Amp with Speaker Protection 5999 RFQ
MAX4364ESA+ Maxim Integrated Audio Amplifiers 1.4W/1W Audio Power Amplifier 5990 RFQ
TPA3130D2DAPR N/A Audio Amplifiers 15W Filter-Free Cl D Stereo Amp 5890 RFQ
TDA7052AT/N2,118 NXP Semiconductors Audio Amplifiers 0.5W BTL MONO AMP W/VOL CTRL 5615 RFQ
LM4875MX/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers 750mW Audio Power Amplifier with DC Volume Control and Headphone Switch 8-SOIC -40 to 85 5479 RFQ
NCP2991FCT2G ON Semiconductor Audio Amplifiers BUMP AUDIO AMP 5470 RFQ
LM48310SD/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers Lo EMI Filterless 2.6W Audio Pwr Amp 5405 RFQ
LM833DR2G ON Semiconductor Audio Amplifiers Lo Noise Audio Dual Industrial Temp 5297 RFQ
LM380N/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers 2.5W AUDIO POWER AMP 5280 RFQ
LM386N-1/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers LOW VLTG AUDIO PWR AMP 5221 RFQ
OPA1652AIDGKR N/A Audio Amplifiers Gen Purp,FET-Inp Aud Op Amp 5200 RFQ
LM4890MX/NOPB N/A Audio Amplifiers 1 Watt Audio Pwr Amp 5172 RFQ
TDA8541T/N1,118 NXP Semiconductors Audio Amplifiers 1 W BTL AUDIO AMP 5164 RFQ
TPA6130A2RTJR N/A Audio Amplifiers 138-mW Amplifier 5040 RFQ
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