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LTC3605AEUF Integrated Circuits Linear Technology 800kHz to 4MHz





High Efficiency: Up to 96%

5A Output Current

4V to 20V VIN Range

Integrated Power N-Channel MOSFETs 

(70mΩ Top and 35mΩ Bottom)

Adjustable Frequency 800kHz to 4MHz

PolyPhase® Operation (Up to 12 Phases)

Output Tracking

0.6V ±1% Reference Accuracy

Current Mode Operation for Excellent Line and Load Transient Response

Shutdown Mode Draws Less Than 15μA Supply Current

LTC3605: 15V Absolute Maximum VIN

LTC3605A: 22V Absolute Maximum VIN

The LTC3605A Is Pin Compatible with the LTC3605

Available in 24-Pin (4mm × 4mm) QFN Package



Point of Load Power Supply

Portable Instruments

Distributed Power Systems

Battery-Powered Equipment


The LTC®3605A is a high efficiency, monolithic synchro-nous  buck  regulator  using  a  phase  lockable  controlled  on-time constant frequency, current mode architecture. PolyPhase  operation  allows  multiple  LTC3605A  regula-tors to run out of phase while using minimal input and output capacitance. The operating supply voltage range is from 20V down to 4V, making it suitable for dual, triple or quadruple lithium-ion battery inputs as well as point of load power supply applications from a 12V or 5V rail.

The operating frequency is programmable from 800kHz to 4MHz with an external resistor. The high frequency capa-bility allows the use of small surface mount inductors. For switching noise sensitive applications, it can be externally synchronized  from  800kHz  to  4MHz.  The  PHMODE  pin  allows  user  control  of  the  phase  of  the  outgoing  clock  signal. The unique constant frequency/controlled on-time architecture is ideal for high step-down ratio applications that  are  operating  at  high  frequency  while  demanding  fast  transient  response.  Two  internal  phase-lock  loops  synchronize  the  internal  oscillator  to  the  external  clock  and also servos the regulator on-time to lock on to either the internal clock or the external clock if it’s present.

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