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LTC2209UP Integrated Circuits Linear Technology







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The LTC®2209 is a 160Msps 16-bit A/D converter designed  for digitizing high frequency, wide dynamic range signals with input frequencies up to 700MHz. The input range of the ADC can be optimized with the PGA front end.

The LTC2209 is perfect for demanding communications applications, with AC performance that includes 77.3dBFS Noise Floor and 100dB spurious free dynamic range. Ultra low jitter of 70fsRMS allows undersampling of high input frequencies with excellent noise performance. Maximum DC specs include ±5LSB INL, ±1LSB DNL.

The digital output can be either differential LVDS or single-ended CMOS. There are two format options for the CMOS outputs: a single bus running at the full data rate or demultiplexed busses running at half data rate. A separate output power supply allows the CMOS output swing to range from 0.5V to 3.6V.

The ENC+ and ENC– inputs may be driven differentially or single-ended with a sine wave, PECL, LVDS, TTL or CMOS inputs. An optional clock duty cycle stabilizer al-lows high performance at full speed with a wide range of clock duty cycles.

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