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MIC2506YM-TR Microchip




General Description

The  MIC2505,  MIC2505-1,  MIC2505-2,  and  MIC2506  aresingle  and  dual  integrated  high-side  power  switches  thatconsist  of  TTL  compatible  control/enable  inputs,  a  chargepump, and protected N-channel MOSFETs.  The MIC2505/6family can be used instead of separate high-side drivers andMOSFETs in many low-voltage applications.

The MIC2505/6 family controls voltages ranging from 2.7V to7.5V. The MIC2505-series can deliver at least 2A continuouscurrent while the MIC2506 can deliver at least 1A continuouscurrent from each output.  A slow turn-on feature preventshigh  inrush  current  when  switching  capacitive  loads.    Theinternal control circuitry is powered from the same 2.7V to7.5V.  Within the device’s input range, outputs can be forcedhigher than the input voltage when disabled.

Multipurpose open-drain fault flag outputs indicate overcur-rent limiting, open-load detection (except MIC2505-1 and -2versions),  thermal  shutdown,  or  undervoltage  lockout  foreach channel.

Overcurrent limiting is internally fixed and requires no exter-nal components.

Open-load detection is active when the switch is off.  Whenoff, a normal load pulls the output pin low.  If the load is open,an optional, external, high-value resistor pulls the output pinhigh, triggering the fault flag.  MIC2505-1 and -2 versions aretailored to Universal Serial Bus (USB) applications and do notinclude open-load detection.

Thermal shutdown turns off the output if the die temperatureexceeds approximately 135°C.  If enabled, the switch auto-matically restarts when the temperature falls 10°C.

Undervoltage  lockout  (UVLO)  shuts  off  the  output  if  thesupply  drops  below  2.3V  typical  and  reenables  the  outputwhen the supply exceeds 2.5V typical.



• Low MOSFET on resistance to 2.7V

30m? typical at 5V (MIC2505-series)

35m? typical at 3.3V (MIC2505-series)

75m? typical at 5V (each MIC2506 output)

80m? typical at 3.3V (each MIC2506 output)

• 2.7V to 7.5V input

• 110μA typical on-state supply current

• 1μA typical off-state supply current

• Output can be forced higher than input (off-state)

• Current limit•Thermal shutdown

• 2.5V undervoltage lockout (UVLO)

• Open-load detection(MIC2505BN/M and MIC2506BN/M only)•Open-drain fault flag

• 5ms (slow) turn-on and fast turnoff

• Logic-level control/enable input



• USB Power Distribution

• 3.3V and 5V power management

• PC Card card inrush limiting switch

• Hot plug-in power supplies

• Battery-charger circuitsMicrel, Inc.


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